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Hello and thanks for checking out my site! I have been painting for nearly 20 years. Five years ago a friend asked me to paint at her wedding. The painting amazed my friend and she encouraged me to continue live painting at weddings. Fast forward a few years and I have painted over 150 events. Everything from weddings, anniversary parties, Bar Mitvah, Bat Mitzvah, corporate events can be preserved in a painting through an artists unique vision and technique. Often I am hired as a surprise for the bride and groom. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the surprised couples reaction to their unique wedding gift. Additionally, the days after an event I am flooded with email responses and Facebook comments saying how the painting was the coolest thing that night. People were amazed at how quickly a live painting could transform from a couple of dashed lines to light reflecting on the dance floor, the transparency of the bride’s veil, boutonnieres, painting the bridal party, the parents and siblings of the bride and groom, and the glow of candles next to centerpieces. 

A quick reflection of who I am:  I grew up in Wisconsin. Studied Fine Art at UW-Madison, studied abroad in various parts of Italy.  I speak Italian and am currently picking up Spanish. After undergraduate, I moved to Boston to pursue an MFA in painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, graduated in 2009 and at that time moved New York City.  When not painting you may find me home-brewing, creating toys for my two cats Frankie and Moo, or walking the highline with my beautiful wife Erika.



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