You will have the option of either having me finish your masterpiece by the end of the night or taking it back to my art studio for touch ups. Both options offer unique advantages.

Take a peek below to compare each painting at the end of the night versus how it looks after added touch ups in my studio, and check out my PORTFOLIO for more examples!

Check out my FAQ Page or Contact Me directly for Pricing and Availability.

Touch Ups

  • Offers a more clean, detailed depiction with sharper edges and added layers of paint
  • Has a slightly more realistic approach, allowing for color correction and a more precise touch to decor and architecture
  • Allows for some finer detail in family and friends and a more lifelike rendering of the bride an groom
  • Average turnaround time for touch ups is 1-3 months
  • Painting can either be shipped when it's completed for an additional cost or picked up from my home studio

Step Three


Celebration Painting in New York

Watch Me Paint!

After the date is reserved and the vision for your painting has been mapped out, there is only one thing left to do.. Step back and enjoy one of the most important days of your life!

I arrive early to begin painting the background of the space, then begin to add in selected family and friends as they arrive, as well as provide entertainment for guests as they get to watch the canvas transformed from nothingness into a finished piece of artwork.

You can either take your work of art home with you at the end of the night, fresh off the easel to hang in your home, or choose to have added detail and an overall more polished look to be completed after the wedding.

Choose Your Backdrop

Would you like to capture your ceremony or reception on canvas?

Would you prefer to have one side of the room painted to highlight a beautiful view, or perhaps a wider angle to depict the full scope of the room's architecture?

Scroll through Dan's PORTFOLIO to PIN the paintings that stand out to you. 

Finished Day Of vs Touch Ups

Day Of

  • Offers a more impressionist look with larger, looser brushstrokes
  • Gives an overall more raw, artistic interpretation
  • Less fine detail in decor and in faces of family & friends, more abstraction of shapes & colors
  • Painting is complete by the end of the night and you are free to take it home with you as soon as the reception ends!

​                                                Captured on CanvasLive Event Artist New York

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Step Four


Select Your Moment

There are so many special moments on your wedding day that happen all too fast! Choose the moment to be captured that is right for you. 

From first kiss to first dance to that first bite of cake...  Grand exit after the ceremony to grand entrance into the ballroom...

I will consult with you before the wedding to clarify your vision and iron out all of the fine details.